Success story : Peugeot

solution selected

Move from “vehicle” oriented campaigns to ultra-personalised “consumer” oriented campaigns to ensure maximum impact on each intervention.

SmarteCardThe solution is based on the SmarteCard solution, a relational connected card that transforms a customer’s smartphone into a special communication channel with the brand. Based on the native e-wallets of the smartphone, SmarteCard needs no dedicated application development which represents significant savings in time and money.

SmarteCard is operated by Crosscut®, allowing it to be connected in complete security and in real-time to the management systems of the brands. This means all the actions associated with the use of each SmarteCard are integrated on the mobile and in the databases which enables the messages sent to each person to be adapted and refined at all times.


  • Design of the tools and adaptation according to the technical constraints of each POS (audit of what exists)
  • Different forms of training
  • Deployment at the national level based on web tools and the availability of a demonstration platform
Peugeot SmarteCard
-40% of the cost of processing discounts
+18% increase in the average basket
60% of on campaigns realization costs