Combine Data analysis with AI’s potential to accelerate value creation, innovate to save the planet or respond to climate change, and provide citizens with new, highly personalized services.

Increased products
Moving the technological complexity of the product to the user experience. Opening new avenues of value creation through the intelligent use of data generated and collected by the product used. Gain a better understanding of product usage and optimize accordingly to meet user needs. Proposition of innovative services around the product and transformation into business assets.
Smart buildings and cities
Optimisation of public services (transport, water and energy) through collection, real-time analysis and sharing (via APIs) of data from different sources. Creating new innovative and personalised services for citizens and businesses. Improvement of buildings that become more intelligent (sensors, connected objects) to improve energy management and reduce consumption. Generalization of Smart Grids.
Smart agriculture
Transition from traditional agriculture to precision agriculture allowing maximised yields, rationalised use of water, seeds and fertilisers, and better soil monitoring. Data collection, consolidation and analysis (sensors, weather, UAVs, connected equipment, manual readings) to make better decisions, improve efficiency and optimize the allocation of natural resources. Data monetization to create new sources of income for farmers.
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