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Moskitos, partenaires

Moskitos partners’ ecosystem is based on market standard publishers and on DSEs or agencies that we feel represent high added value for our customers

Moskitos Partner Network

Moskitos has brought together in its partner network: Consulting firms, DSEs, s/w Publishers and Marketing agencies. Partners all possess the capacity to support you throughout in the design and roll-out of your API and Data strategies.  With Crosscut, better target consumer engagement, support the transformation of your products or optimise internal processes.



Akatoa is an independent marketing and communication consulting agency. Created in 2001, its clients are internationally known leading brands such as Peugeot, SNCF and Bavaria. It areas of expertise include CRM, Drive to Store, network promotion, Social Media, digital transformation and the management of loyalty programmes.

Akatoa developed SmarteCard®, a Crosscut® Partner Connected Solution. SmarteCard allows the use of smartphone native e-wallets in the operational marketing campaigns of the brands supported by Akatoa. With Crosscut®, SmarteCard® is connected in real-time to the enterprise management systems (CRM, Martech, ERP, etc.).

Weave – now One-Point, a consultancy firm founded in 2001, has developed a consulting model breaking traditional strategies: consultancy in augmented strategy®. Three hundred consultants are operational with key accounts and middle-market companies in France and Europe. An innovative positioning rewarded by the EFQM label (Recognized for Excellence – 5 stars) in 2011 and renewed in 2016.

Micropole is a DSE with a presence in Asia and Europe. Micropole specialises in the fields of Digital Transformation, Performance Management and Data Governance. The group supports its clients in all the phases of a project, from consulting to the complete development of the solution, including training. Micropole employs some 1,100 collaborators.

Created some 15 years ago, Talan has a turnover of €160m and employs 1,700 collaborators. A European reference stakeholder in agile transformation support, the group is based in Paris with offices in France and abroad. Its businesses: Operational consulting, IT Project Management Support, Integration of new technologies, occupations related to information systems

Launched in 2006 by former listed DSE managers, AGYLIS now employs over a hundred specialist collaborators in information systems consulting, integration and facilities management. Present in the Ile de France, Rhône Alpes and Grand Ouest regions of France, its collaborators are active in all parts of the project cycle: IT project management support, architecture, consultancy, development, approval and operational condition maintenance.

Astrakhan (incorporated in 2012) is a Management & Technologies consultancy. Fields of intervention include: Liberating leadership & innovation, digital & agility, IS strategy & dynamic architecture. Astrakhan is convinced that businesses become competitive through encouraging expression and nurturing ideas from within their teams. Astrakhan offers managerial and technological innovations that will improve clients’ performance in the digital age.

Through its rich panel of consulting offers (StartCloud, DriveCLoud & RunCLoud), Nuageo experts help IT Directors transform and enhance the performances of their businesses. The innovating methodologies of the consultancy enable Nuageo to secure the success of their clients’ Data and Cloud projects.

Apgar Consulting is specialised in defining and implementing strategies to improve the use and sharing of a company’s strategic information.

Apgar Consulting combines its Expertise in both Company Architecture and collaborative solutions implementation. Apgar Consulting accompanies clients from the early stages of their reflection all the way through the international deployment of solutions.

Services are centred on data management and promotion of available information. As such, Apgar Consulting supports its partners throughout the life cycle of their Data initiatives. 4 founding pillars: Consulting in information strategy, Master Data Management solutions, Data exchange solutions (iPaas, API Management) and Big Data.

Wakanda offers a Full-Stack JavaScript platform to develop and execute web or mobile applications. The platform is made up of different modules: Wakanda Server, Wakanda Studio and Wakanda Client Connector.
Gizmox transposition offers an applications modernisation technology that transposes business applications to web, mobile or cloud platforms.

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